Thursday, December 11, 2014

DK Customs

I don't have the cash to buy slip-ons.  Well I do but I choose to save it for when it matters.  So, I decided to modify the sewing machine's exhaust properly.  Thank God for folks like DK Customs.  Did the research, emailed and talked with them.  Pulled the trigger on the W series inserts in the 158 size.  Ordered them on Sunday night and received them Wesbesday morning.  They were VERY well packed with all the appropriate instructions and even a cool sticker!  The only con here is that I didn't receive any lock washers.  No big deal.  $1.07 from Home Depot and all is good.  So, I did just like their video laid out.  Cut my exhaust off at 2&3/4" back then slid out the baffle/cat combo.  I cleaned up the ends and drilled a 3/8" hole.  Installed the inserts, tightened them up, reinstalled the exhaust and wiped off all my grubby fingerprints.  Here's a few pics of what you get when you order.  For $30 shipped you can't go wrong!

And finally, a video for how it sounds!

Give DK Customs a try.